Bone transplantation touches the lives of thousands of South Africans
Next to blood transfusions, bone is the most frequently transplanted human tissue.
Yet, very few people are aware of the many benefits to society that can emerge
as a result of tissue transfer from donor to recipient.

Thousands of South Africans receive life enhancing bone transplants to heal bone
fractures, fill in bone defects, create new bone where it has been lost or replace parts
of bone that have been damaged in an accident or as a result of disease, etc.

Bone SA is a Non-profit Company (NPC), whose main objective is the promotion of the
interests of people who have been disabled by disease or injury. We do this by
bringing together donors and recipients in co-operation with the Centre for Tissue
Engineering (CTE) at the Tshwane University of Technology.

Human bone and tissue donations are precious gifts that are generously given by
donors or donor families. It is given with the intention of reaching out to other human
beings and to help relieve their suffering.

Tissue donation and transplantation is a unique example of our common humanity and
you may wish to join the large family of donors who already show they care.