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Anterior shoulder instability is among the most commonly seen disorders in traumatology, which typically affects the younger age population with high rates of recurrence. Recurrent anterior instability of the shoulder is a complex disease which may include both soft tissue and osseous pathologies.. This article describes the surgical technique for glenoid reconstruction with distal tibia allograft for re-current anterior shoulder instability.

SABC Education launched 1000 Lives, on 25th May 2019. It’s an original medical docu-drama series premised around organ donation and transplantation, which is often the patient’s only hope for survival.  Compassionate with a tone of sensitivity, each episode tells a story of a patient who lives with a dysfunctional organ but hopes for the gift of life […]

A tear-jerking Argentinian organ donation advert about man and his dog goes viral! Organ donation is truly a gift of life, not only for the sick but also for those who love the donor and recipient.  This commercial which trended worldwide, tells the story of an elderly man and his dog who travel everywhere together. Even […]

Challenges in mandibular bony defect reconstruction still exist. The use of compacted autogenous particulate corticocancellous bone, together with a human humerus allograft presents an exciting opportunity to simplify the reconstruction of such defects. This is especially the case when the surgery may be done in one stage via an intra-oral approach. We present a case […]

Bone SA is proud to present a dental range which over the past two years, grown extensively and includes a variety of specialised combination grafts and tailored block grafts.