Bone SA

Somewhere between the joy of the recipient, and the pain of the donor family, the co-ordinator becomes the bridge between these contrasting worlds. In every telephone call and every conversation, words are measured carefully – their pain becoming our own. We cry with them!

Despite their own pain and realising the desperate need of others, some people are willing to leave behind a small piece of their loved one for the benefit of another. We carry each of these donors and their families, deep within our own hearts and thank them for the huge difference that their donation made in the lives of others.

Each year, the Bone SA team come together for a candle-lighting ceremony, in memory of, and in thanksgiving, for those who have given life to others through organ donation.

Here are some images of our recent candle lighting ceremony, where we paid tribute, to those, who gave the gift of hope, to those in need. We Thank you.