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Challenges in mandibular bony defect reconstruction still exist. The use of compacted autogenous particulate corticocancellous bone, together with a human humerus allograft presents an exciting opportunity to simplify the reconstruction of such defects. This is especially the case when the surgery may be done in one stage via an intra-oral approach. We present a case […]

In Sub-saharan Africa (SSA), 70% of adults with TB are HIV (+). Dr Ukunda from Baragwanath Hospital has utilised fibula grafts to treat children with deformed spines as a result of TB.

SUPERCRITICAL CO₂ A New and Enhanced way to process Allograft tissue Supercritical CO₂ Carbon Dioxide  (SCCO2) Technology This new “non-toxic” process uses harmless carbon dioxide in an altered form to process allograft tissue, whilst maintaining tissue integrity. Supercritical CO2 (SCCO2) processing/ sterilisation is the latest scientific breakthrough registered with the USFood and Drug Administration (FDA) and […]