Bone SA

BoneSA is more than just a business. We do not sell ‘things’. Our first priority is to care about the human beings who have been disabled by disease or injury and are recipients of bone and tissue.It is our calling to build a bridge between those who unselfishly give of themselves and those who need this. Four values form the pillars of our bridge:

  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • Innovation
  • Excellent service and quality product

Our integrity compels us do the right thing fairly, consistently and with respect Even when no none is watching. We know that the right thing to do is to preserve the dignity of our donors and those that benefit from this. It is with respect that we interact with each other, our clients and our partners to construct our donor‐recipient bridge. Therein lies the trust of all those people whose lives we touch.

We acknowledge that we have an obligation to promote reliability in all that we do. Those that depend on us deserve nothing less. We make truthful promises and keep them. Our systems and processes are transparent, effective and easy to apply. As leaders and employees we get the job done through dedication, teamwork and supportive relationships. We strive to improve our competence and know that others’ trust is determined by our consistent quality and becoming better at what we do.

The sustained quality of the bridge we build is dependent on our innovation. We constantly explore and research new partnerships, the optimisation of processes, new technologies, response time, the improvement of our environmental footprint, and continued adherence to international quality standards. Improving the quality of how we do things build the reputation and value of our brand.

Our drive to maintain excellent service and quality product determine our reputation as the leading name in human bone and tissue supply. We aspire to go beyond mere sustainability. Our sustainable development and longevity is accomplished through financial accountability and security. We aim to be around for many years for our current and potential recipients, donors, partners and colleagues.

We live these values, with pride and humility. We love what we do. Above all, we care.