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"I play a small part in enhancing someone's quality of live. At the end of the day, I know I made a difference today."

Cortical Bone
Reshaping The Future Of Muscoloskeletal Surgery

Demineralized cortical bone fibre. When your hands are your tools and every surgery a masterpiece.

The Gift Of Life

Human bone and tissue donations are precious gifts which allow life-enhancing transplants.

Vitanova The Connective Tissue Bank Of South Africa

Proudly introducing Bone SA’s new state-of-the-art tissue engineering facility in the Western Cape

Our Values

To us, ‘ethics’ means the way we do things.

Bone SA is more than just a business – we do not sell ‘things’; we work with and for people.  In all cases, our priority is to care about the human beings who make our business possible.

From the incredibly generous donors who gift tissue, to the recipient patients disabled by disease or injury, the thousands of healthcare workers we encounter and our staff, who tirelessly work to deliver the best solutions to South Africa, we care.

And we show our caring through our values – INTEGRITY, RELIABILITY, INNOVATION, EXCELLENCE.

Our INTEGRITY compels us do the right thing fairly, consistently, and respectfully.  We preserve the dignity of our donors and recipients and treat each other, our clients, and our partners with respect.  We believe that respect is the cornerstone of trust and we value the trust all our stakeholders place in us.

We understand that all our actions impact human lives.  We accept that we have an obligation to promote RELIABILITY in everything we do.  Our tissue engineering facility, systems and products are managed according to international quality standards.  Besides complying with best-of-class standards, we continuously strive to improve competence in all the areas we work in.

INNOVATION is our lifeblood.  Vitanova, Bone SA’s state-of-the-art tissue bank in the Western Cape, is culmination of 25 years of fostering innovation in the tissue engineering sector.  Through academic and research partnerships, collaboration with other tissue banks and procurement organisations and sponsorships for education, training and research, Bone SA has worked tirelessly to ensure that tissue engineering in South Africa progresses.

Integrity, Reliability, Innovation, Excellence

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Healing through innovation. 

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