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There is currently a shortage of cancellous bone which impacts our product lines containing cancellous bone. The bone shortage developed due to the number of available suitable donors not increasing to accommodate a steady increase in product demand.

As the leader in bone allograft in South Africa, Bone SA views the shortage in a very serious light. It is of utmost importance to us to maintain our usual high level of service and product delivery to you, our valued customer.

To address the shortage and ensure continued product security, we have put the following measures in place:

  • In an attempt to increase the number of suitable donors, a focused awareness campaign for tissue and bone donation has been launched through our partners at The Centre of Tissue Engineering and the Organ Donor Foundation (ODF).
  • Femoral heads are an excellent source of cancellous bone, and the Femoral Head Collection Initiative has been running in various hospitals for several years. To maximise the procurement of this bone source, a dedicated Femoral Head Product Specialist has been appointed to relaunch and manage the program.
  • To alleviate the cancellous bone shortage in the short-term, we have imported cancellous bone products from Community Tissue Services – Centre For Tissue, Innovation and Research. They are a US-based research organisation and supplier of bone products, accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks and ISO 13485 certified ( ).
  • Bone SA understands that a long-term solution to ensure constant, adequate product availability, is required. We believe that procuring more suitable donors, investing in new and innovative technology and creating academic excellence in the tissue and bone donation field in South Africa, will resolve the current situation.

To this end, Bone SA has secured funding to establish a new Tissue Bank in mid-2019 (pending license approval from the National Department of Health) in a province where donor procurement is currently very low. This will broaden our procurement footprint significantly. We are also planning to invest in new sterilisation technology, as well as the academic expertise required to implement the technology.

Bone SA is very excited about this new initiative and our sincere hope is that we can count on your continued support.

Any questions regarding the new Tissue Bank can be direct to Bone SA’s Managing Director, Michelle Narayan on 079 891 8907 or

If you experience any problems relating to the shortage of cancellous bone product, please feel free to contact our Marketing and Product Specialist, Ana Sterrenberg (082 456 5020 or email who will endeavour to provide an alternative solution.

Bone SA looks forward to partnering with you in our exciting new venture. Yours sincerely Michelle Narayan Managing Director 079 891 8907

Download the Bone SA release letter : Cancelleous Bone Product shortage Bone SA release letter on Cancelleous Bone Product shortage.pdf