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World’s Biggest Asshole

In August 2016, a promotional video for organ donation awareness called World’s Biggest Asshole launched on social media. 

 The video campaign by a US organ-donation nonprofit company – Donate Life America – features a real jerk of a character, Coleman Sweeney, who goes through life treating others poorly.

The premise of the video is to showcase in an exaggerated way, how a person with a seemingly appalling character, despised by everyone who comes into contact with him, can become a hero in the same people’s eyes through one good decision to donate organs and tissue. Watch the video and let us know what you think.

The campaign launched quietly on Youtube, with only a press-release, and went viral, with a target market being that of Millennial men. It used offensive, humor to get across a very serious message.  

“Consumers are craving brands that have a point of view.”
Jill Cress
chief marketing and communications

“The percentage of Millennials registering has doubled. Before the video broke, 26% of people registering were men ages 20-34. Within a week, more than half were Millennial men, a 215% increase. After the first week, the number of daily registrations had increased overall by nearly 700%To find out more about the background to this campaigns strategy, ”  

Do we therefore, make the unpopular choice for the sake of reaching our target market? Read more on the background of this campaign. Forbes blogger Will Burns wrote a review of the ad—and its impact. He also went on to interview the team that came up with the Campaign strategy. Click here for that follow up post.