Bone SA

Bone SA has over the years invented several new protocols and products.
We view this as a way of applying our expertise and resources out of a deep respect for the benevolent intentions of donors. The intended outcome is to benefit and to best serve the needs of our main beneficiaries, the recipients of allograft bone and related soft tissues.

Bone SA has over the many years of its existence, sponsored inter-organisational collaborative research projects, teaching staff and undergraduate and postgraduate studying in the field of Tissue Engineering. We believe this concept of tissue transfer to be a unique example of our common humanity, setting aside our differences in terms of nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, language, caste or class.

Next to blood transfusions, bone is the most frequently transplanted human tissue.
Yet, very few people are aware of the many benefits to society that can emerge
as a result of tissue transfer from donor to recipient.

Thousands of South Africans have received life enhancing bone transplants to heal bone
fractures, fill in bone defects, create new bone where it has been lost or replace parts
of bone that have been damaged in an accident or as a result of disease, etc.

This year alone, we have distributed over 30 000 grafts to patients throughout South Africa, and our vision is to keep on growing, and building bridges between our donors and recipients.   Our plan is to just keep growing.  Because we care. 


Our staff lit a candle at our recent year in function, in memory of all our donors to whom we are most grateful.