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Cortical Bone
Reshaping The Future Of Muscoloskeletal Surgery

Demineralized cortical bone fibre. When your hands are your tools and every surgery a masterpiece.

The Gift Of Life

Human bone and tissue donations are precious gifts which allow life-enhancing transplants.

Vitanova The Connective Tissue Bank Of South Africa

Proudly introducing Bone SA’s new state-of-the-art tissue engineering facility in the Western Cape

Bone & Soft Tissue

Thousands of South Africans receive life enhancing bone transplants to heal bone fractures, fill in bone defects, create new bone where it has been lost or replace parts of bone that have been damaged in an accident or as a result of disease, etc.

Bone SA is a Non-profit Company (NPC), whose main objective is the promotion of the interests of people who have been disabled by disease or injury. We do this by bringing together donors and recipients in co-operation with the Centre for Tissue Engineering (CTE) at the Tshwane University of Technology.

Our Values

Integrity, Reliability, Innovation, Excellent Service & Quality Product. 

Our Products

Bone SA produces a range of bone and soft tissue allograft for use in orthopaedic, spinal, and maxillofacial surgery.  Our products are also widely used in reconstructive and trauma surgery.  Produced from cancellous and cortical bone, bone allograft can be used as both scaffolding and bone void fillers. 

Demineralised Cortical Bone Fibre from Bone SA, allows surgeons to turn every surgery into a life enhancing masterpiece. 

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Healing through innovation. 

Our DBM Product Shows Great Osteoinductive Potential

Our DBM Product Shows Great Osteoinductive Potential

Bone SA recently commissioned a Non-clinical Osteoinduction Assay Qualification of our Demineralised Bone Matrix (DBM) product, through an international laboratory. The 28 day

Meet The Team – Janet Verwejj

Meet The Team – Janet Verwejj

Janet Verweij is at the helm of all things sales at Bone SA.  Sales Manager since November 2017, Janet and her

Discontinued Products & Alternatives

Discontinued Products & Alternatives

After evaluating product popularity and use, certain products have been earmarked for discontinuation. The discontinuation will depend on current stock.

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